Analytical Essay 1 - revised

Analytical Essay 1 - revised - Thieny Nguyen Professor...

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Thieny Nguyen Professor Jacoby English 205 09 September 2009 Revised Analytical Response Paper #1 Revised The Real Meaning of Being Lonely “The End of Solitude” is an essay that makes complex arguments and ties into many writers and thinkers. William Deresiewicz, the essay’s author, points out the sense that many of us have, that we are seeing a watershed in our culture. We feel that something basic is changing the way we think and compare it to the world and to one another. This essay is an excellent attempt to capture that image. As cities became larger, in response, writers and our culture became more focused on seeking our inner selves. However, our younger generation did not grow up in a city, but a small community. They do not fear being consumed in a mob. They fear isolation. The really interesting part of the essay is when Deresiewicz states that neither boredom nor isolation were understood in the modern, negative sense before the 19 th century. He offers his own experience growing up during the time when television was around. He considers himself influenced by the experience and regrets it. He sees a similarity in the current experience of young people who are afraid of experiencing isolation and avoiding it through constant communication with others through texting, cell phones, and other communication devices. Deresiewicz also draws a parallel between solitude – loneliness distinction and what he sees as
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Analytical Essay 1 - revised - Thieny Nguyen Professor...

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