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Thieny Nguyen Professor Jacoby ENG 205 06 October 2009 Revised Analytical Paper #3 Revised The Modern Jail The teachers want to work, but the rubber room prevents them from working. Most of the replacements are often young and inexperienced. Many teachers are being accused of screaming and cursing at the kids. Nowadays, our teachers’ career, reputation, health care and pension are being rudely destroyed. In addition, there are absolutely no legal resources available to those teachers because several unions which represent them fail miserably. In the process, hard working teachers are humiliated and put down. This is related to the article “Rubber Room” about this national tragedy. It is not only for the teachers who are deprived of their civil rights and careers, but for our future citizens who are being deprived of the most experienced and dedicated professionals also. One percent of teachers in United States are forbidden to go to school. They are charged with misconduct and are relieved their teaching duties. They are required to be put into crowded rooms away from students and kill their time by sitting there all day. Some know what they are accused of. Others do not. Until their cases are resolved, they continue to get paid but have to spend their whole working day in isolated rooms with other teachers in their situation. Many cases which those teachers face are fuzzy, exaggerated, or simply false. Yet here they sit week
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paper 3 -revised - Page 1 Thieny Nguyen Professor Jacoby...

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