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Thieny Nguyen Professor Jacoby ENG 205 03 December 2009 Analytical Paper #5 The Meaning in Life As people all look at the world live in, there are still many things are hidden from their eye. “Children of the Mountain” shows the fact of their society and there are so many children who are still living in such poverty in their country. While people compare that article with their own lives, looking deep into their own society from "You Are What You Grow" to "The Trial", people can see that their searching for the Kafkaesque is all around them just as Kafka’s message lives on through his literature. His message tightly guards one’s personal liberty, and his idea takes his/her away, far away from conventional realities. Kafkaesque is one of characteristics of Kafka writings. Their understanding of man is different from Kafka. Their understanding is derived from religions, creeds, nationalities, and geographies. As a human, people are involved in absurd’s situations, situations with no exit, situations people are not able to explain to themselves. The ability of seeing beyond immediate events, and the possibility of escape just like in the video of "Children of the Mountain" and Kafkaesque idea are also shown in "You are what you Grow". Indeed, there is a situation in which one has no control over the meaning of Kafkaesque transcended the literary realm to apply to real-life situations that are
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incomprehensibly complex, and illogical. For instance, a student knows he/she has to be in class at 9 am. But when he/she gets there, the teacher says he/she is an hour and fifteen minutes late. It means that one has class at 7:45 so, the next day, he/she arrives at 7:45, but nobody's there. This ideological of Kafkaesque is in a real life situation. As people are living in a community where every minute of every day people are
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Paper 5 - Thieny Nguyen Professor Jacoby ENG 205 03...

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