Chapter 2 - Chloe Nguyen Professor Bush MEDA 115 14 May...

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Chloe Nguyen Professor Bush MEDA 115 14 May 2011 Chapter 02 1. Congenital anomalies – possible causes: genetic, infection in the mother, drugs taken by the mother, the age of the mother, radiographic examination made early in pregnancy, or injury to the pregnant woman or the fetus. 2. Amniocentesis can diagnose congenital anomalies in a fetus by taking a fluid sample from the amniotic sac between the 15 th and 18 th weeks of pregnancy. It allows amniotic fluid to be tested and cells to be microscopically examined for abnormal substances or chromosomal abnormalities. An example of an abnormal substance is an elevated alpha fetoprotein (AFP) level. 3. Trace fetal circulation by using: amniocentesis, chorionic villus biopsy. 4. Preterm birth is the result of birth before the 37 th gestational week of pregnancy. The condition of prematurity describes the birth of a low-weight, underdeveloped, and short gestational infant and is considered the leading cause of death during the neonatal period. Causes: an incompetent cervix, bicornate uterus, toxic conditions, maternal infection, trauma, premature rupture of the amniotic membranes, history of previous miscarriages, multiple gestation, intrauterine fetal growth retardation, pregnancy induced, chronic hypertension. Treatment: IV fluids and hyperalimentation are necessary to encourage growth and development of the premature infant. Airway management and pulmonary functioning are monitored very closely. Many of the smallest babies are intubated endotracheally, and respiration is maintained by mechanical ventilation. Maintenance the airway by nasal CPAP. Pulse oximeters monitor oxygen saturation levels and heart rate. 5.
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Chapter 2 - Chloe Nguyen Professor Bush MEDA 115 14 May...

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