Rubric for Grading MEDA 115 Pathophysiology

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Winifred Benchoff Khalil Spring 2008 Evaluation Discretionary Unofficial Materials Rubric for Grading MEDA 115 Pathophysiology “Disease Paper” Writing Assignments Points possible Elements of evaluation 0 – 29.5 points No demonstrated achievement. 30 – 34.5 points A seriously flawed paper that lacks clarity, organization and adequate development. The paper does not meet the requirements of the assignment. Word choice is poor and uses terminology incorrectly. Major errors in usage and/or mechanics interfere with the reader’s ability to understand the writers meaning. When borrowed information is presented, it is incorrectly incorporated in the paper and there is no documentation of resources. Presentation does not demonstrate understanding of the information. Paper indicates limited understanding of signs, symptoms, diagnosis, etiology, and treatment of a disease. Vocabulary words submitted should already be part of student’s vocabulary. Paper needs work on syntax and grammar, sentence structure. Third resource (journal article) selection is inappropriate. There is little use of the compare/contrast
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