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Land exam2 99 - Name _ TA _ Lab Section Number CHEMISTRY 2B...

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Name ____________________________________ TA ______________________________________ Lab Section Number CHEMISTRY 2B Dr. Land Midterm II Instructions: CLOSED BOOK EXAM No books or notes allowed. All information required is contained on the exam. Place all work in space provided. If you require additional space, use the back of the exam. (1) Read each question carefully. (2) There is no partial credit for problems in Part I. (3) Show work in Part II. Credit will be given only for work shown. Answers without work will not receive credit. (4) The last page contains potentially useful info and a periodic table. You may remove this for easy access. (5) Graded exams will be returned in discussion sections next week. Page: Possible Points Points 1. 25 points 2. 25 points 3. 60 points 4. 35 points - part. credit 5. 65 points - part. credit 6. 40 points - part. credit Total Score (250) If you finish early, RECHECK YOUR ANSWERS.
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1 Part I: Mult. Choice - No Partial Credit 1.(5 pts) From which of the following compounds would it be most difficult to obtain pure water by reverse osmosis? A. 1.0 M FeCl 3 B. 3.0 M ethanol (C 2 H 5 OH) C. 2.0 M Ba(OH) 2 D. 1.0 M Cu(ClO 4 ) 2 E. 2.0 M NaCl 2.(5 pts) Colligative properties are those that A. do not depend on the temperature and pressure but do depend on the type of solute. B. change the concentration of a solute in a solution. C. result from a change in vapor pressure of the solute when it is dissolved in the solvent. D. are only observed for pure solvents. E. depend on the number of solute particles in a solution and not on the type of particle. 3.(5 pts) Which of the following weak acids has the strongest conjugate base? A. HC 2 H 3 O 2 (K a = 1.7 x 10 -5 ) B. HCN (K a = 4.8 x 10 -10 ) C. HF (K a = 6.8 x 10 -4 ) D. HCHO 2 (K a = 1.8 x 10 -4 ) E. HClO (K a = 3.0 x 10 -8 ) 4.(5 pts) For a solution labeled "0.20 M barium hydroxide", which of the following is correct? A. [OH
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/05/2008 for the course CHE 002A taught by Professor Enderle during the Spring '08 term at UC Davis.

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Land exam2 99 - Name _ TA _ Lab Section Number CHEMISTRY 2B...

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