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2010 M 1 0 15-day session of the 15th Asian Games is nearing completion. In Doha, capital of Qatar, from Asian countries and regions of the athletes, coaches, referees, officials and international sports organizations at the Asian Games on behalf of all the achievements made by highly appraised. It goes without saying that this includes behind the success of countless people as long as several years of efforts, including a temporary component given by the special group of selfless devotion. This group is the large number of countries and regions from all walks of life, the Asian Games during the day and night everywhere in the voluntary service personnel. It can be said that the enthusiasm of their services and Dinglixiangzhu a fundamental guarantee for the normal operation of the entire Asian Games, Asian Games is indispensable to the success of one of the important factors. Doha organizing committee from three years ago began to volunteer recruitment, the original plan to recruit 16,000, resulting in more than 30,000 enthusiastic application, which submitted applications through the Internet about 25 countries 25,000 people. Finally, the organizing committee of 19,000 interviews were conducted, the actual recruitment of over 23,700 people. It is said that in the final stage, a 100-meter sprint to the organizing committee for the speed of more than 600 interviews each week! The organizing committee in the recruitment plan clear that all participants in the Asian Games volunteers will receive: a voluntary service of the certificate; related to store discount cards for different service areas of professional training; reunification of the General Assembly a set of uniform; work during the Free snacks / beverages; international exchange experience to participate in the Asian sports event of permanent memories; opportunity to visit the Asian Games Village; rehearsals for the opening ceremony of a ticket, and after the closing of the Asian Games in Doha Sports City volunteers monument inscribed on all volunteers Name. In the call of the organizing committee, all volunteers are full of enthusiasm for the Games contribute its part. As Aru Lanai Ke (India volunteers) in the November 15, 2006 Doha Asian Games Village opening ceremony of the village to speak on behalf of all the volunteers said it:
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2010年广å·�äº�è¿�ä&fr - 2010 M 10...

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