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Running head: COMMUNICATION AND COLLABORATION STRATEGY 1 Communication and Collaboration Strategy Shannan Coleman Gen200 July 8, 2010 William Feltt
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COMMUNICATION AND COLLABORATION STRATEGY 2 Communication and Collaboration Strategy Communication and collaboration are very important in out every day life. Throughout time the way the world has communicated has changed drastically. We have gone from talking face-to-face or walking next door to the neighbor’s house to sending text messages, instant messages, and using products like Skype to communicate. Communication and collaboration is much more than how one uses it, it is how one learns it and work with it. To be successful in both one needs to understand their learning style and personality type. According to Howard Gardner there are at least eight intelligences possessed by all people and that every person has developed some intelligences more fully than others (Carter, Bishop, & Kravits, 2007). By taking the Multiple Pathways to Learning and the Personality Spectrum assessments one will be
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Shannan_Coleman_Communication_and_Collaboration_Strategy -...

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