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civil rights movment paper - Matthew Rambo Civil Rights...

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Matthew Rambo Civil Rights Movement Paper Due: 11/30/10 A civil rights movement can be defined as any type of movement by a discriminated class that fought for their rights and better well being during a certain time period. The time period in which we have talked about these types of movements is post World War II. During this time period we are able to see many different civil rights movements. The one being known most is the civil rights movements of African Americans during this time. This is seen as the biggest of all movements but we can’t forget the movements of women, Chicano’s, Asians, and also Native Americans. This paper will focus on the movements of Asia-Americans during this time period. It will discuss what lead to these movements and also the problems and hardships that these Asians had to deal with during these times. It will then talk about how much effect these movements had on America society as we see it today. After watching African Americans endure years of discriminations, Asian-Americans also began to identify ways that they were being discriminated in the U.S. After being placed in concentration camps during World War II, the Asian-American community tried to prove that they had no connections with Japan and they wanted to be treated like regular Americans. Over 100,000 Japanese Americans were placed into these concentration camps. Efforts to speak out against these discriminative acts were thought to be risky because of their past treatments. We would soon see a change in their attitudes once the black power movements begin (1). The black power movement had some of the most visible influences on the radical activist struggles of Asians during this time and gave rise to visible movement of radical ethnic nationalism. By 1968, Asian-American activists from different communities were impressed by the political analysis, organization and symbolism of black nationalists and black power advocates. So impressed by these actions of black nationalists and power advocates, this inspired
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Matthew Rambo Civil Rights Movement Paper Due: 11/30/10 the Asian-Americans to step up to the American government and defend their rights. The biggest influence for this was that of the Black Panther Party (3). The Black Panther Party grew very quickly during 1968 with over thirty chapters appearing
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civil rights movment paper - Matthew Rambo Civil Rights...

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