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Dan Weglarz PED 219 March 30, 2009 Chapter 10 1. Sports in my community are related to class relations and class inequality in many different ways. Sports are related to class inequality by who the participants are that play the sport. You see people who are better off economically playing on the traveling and all star teams because those are the athletes who can afford the costs for the league and traveling. Class relations affect the sport by how the sport is perceived by the athlete. Many children play the sports to have fun, where athletes at the high school and college level are playing at a higher level than the kids and they have to put more work into their respective sports. Some people in the community might sponsor an athletic team in order to bolster their status within the community. If someone sees that a company is sponsoring a little league team community members might gain more respect for that company and want to
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Unformatted text preview: shop their more often. 2. I think that playing sports will help promote your career in the future. Playing sports helps you learn how to work with others on a team. It shows that you know how to be a team player. Playing sports can also look like you know how to deal with failure to some people. Since it is not always possible to win every single game that you play in life, dealing with loss in the sporting world can help you deal with failure in the business world. Sports also help people become competitive, an athlete has to work his hardest whenever he goes out which makes them the ideal type of person to higher because they know how to be competitive and work hard and they will not give up when doing their job. 3. How big of a factor is social class when it comes to playing different sports?...
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