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Dan Weglarz sport soc

Dan Weglarz sport soc - Dan Weglarz PED 219 Chapter 5 1 a...

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Dan Weglarz PED 219 March 15, 2009 Chapter 5 1. a. Private training facilities. Participation in alternative sports. b. The development of private training facilities has given me more opportunities to play sports than my parents because I am able to play an outdoor sport year round at a high level where my parents were only able to play when that sport was in season. I was able to focus on one sport instead of only playing what was in season at the time. Participating in alternative sports has also given me something to do that my parents were not able to do. These sports have become more mainstream in recent years and the popularity of being able to play an unstructured sport without having to have someone yell at you has changed everything because it gave me an opportunity to remain active that my parents did not have. 2. 3. My family does fit the pattern the author describes. During my four years of high school my parents paid a lot of money for me to play baseball outside of school. I took part in a training program and took private lessons at a baseball warehouse during the winter that was run by ex major league baseball players. 4. How is a traditionally organized youth basketball league set up? Chapter 6
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1. Someone using an absolutist approach would explain her drug use by telling her that she is doing something that is wrong. This person would believe that
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