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Matthew Rambo Book Review: The Grapes of Wrath Due:11/23/10 The book that I decided to read for this book review was “The Grapes of Wrath,” by John Steinbeck. Starting off in Oklahoma, the book begins to talk about the dry land and the dust that accompanied it. Rain no longer soaked the land and the sun was always just drying it out. Layers of dust would pile on everything. Every movement would lift more and more dust into the air. A walking man would lift dust as high as his waist while a wagon would lift dust over the fences. Farmers would try to block up the cracks in their doors and windows, but the dust was so thin that it would still layer upon everything in the house. Men would watch their farms be destroyed while their women would wait for the men to break down. This was the way the author tells us about how bad the dust bowl was in the 1930’s. Everything was ruined by the dust. Crops were destroyed, farms were left in shambles and families were often left distraught about what they would do to make up for the losses incurred by the situation. This lead to many families moving west to start new lives in areas such as California. The book describes one particular family’s hardships and triumphs as they moved across the land and settled in California. The use of third person point of view in this book talks about the struggles of the main character, Tom Joad. After serving four years for homicide in an Oklahoma State Penitentiary, Tom returns to his homeland to find that his family farm has been “tractored out.” This term was used for land that had been taken over by tractors during the turn of the industrial revolution. Tom, at this point has to set out to find his family which he is told are about travel across the land to California. Tom sets out to find his family at his Uncle John’s house where he is told they are at. In chapter 7, the author talks about cars lots being established on the outskirts of the abandoned towns. The need for families to travel west gave a great need for vehicles and other forms of transportation. Car salesmen were selling cars to families that were barely even running. This showed how crooked some people were during these rough times. Families that have barely anything to get by on are being sold broken-down cars for double the price. Since there was a demand for the transportation at the time, people were still buying them and salesmen were making great money off of these poor folks.
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Matthew Rambo Book Review: The Grapes of Wrath Due:11/23/10 Tom arrives at Uncle John’s to find his family loading up their belongings. With Tom are six of his family members and also Jim Casy (the preacher). There plan is to move to California because of the
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grapes of wrath book review - Matthew Rambo Book Review The...

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