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informative planing - of the speech(Make this...

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Speech Planning Form Informative Speech SPE 010 Due: T/TH - 2/7/06;  M/W/F - 2/8/06;  M/W – 2/8/06 Name:  Matthew Rambo Topic (narrowed):  Al Capone 1.  Why will the audience be interested in this speech? How will you adapt  it to the audience?  Al Capone was a very interesting man and played a  big role in the forming of Chicago gangs.  2.  What do you already know about the topic?  I know about some of the things that Capone went through as a  gangster in Chicago. The times he set up people to be killed and  things like that.  3.  What do you need to learn about the topic? I want to know more about where Capone grew up and why this  had such a major impact on the life he chose.  4. What is the  specific purpose
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Unformatted text preview: of the speech? (Make this audience-centered) After this speech is over The Audience should have an understanding of the man that Al Capone was and what he did for his time. 5. What is the central idea of the speech? (Write as a sentence) The life of Al Capone. 6. What are the 2 main points you will cover in the speech? (Phrase as topic sentences) • What was Al Capone was like during his childhood. • What he did for the mobs in his time as a gangster. 7. Attach a bibliography in APA format for the 3 reference sources you plan to use for the speech. Include at least one scholarly article and no more than one authoritative website. Do not use Wikipedia or
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informative planing - of the speech(Make this...

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