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Maria Agnesi - M atthew Rambo Maria Agnesi Paper Due...

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Matthew Rambo Maria Agnesi Paper Due 1/10/11 Maria Agnesi, also known as Maria Gaetana Agnesi, was born May 16, 1718. Her father, Pietro Agnesi, was a wealthy nobleman and also a professor of mathematics at the University of Bologna. During Maria’s childhood, it was quite normal for daughters of noble families to be taught in convents, and also to receive instructions in religion, household management and dressmaking. Some Italian families though brought it upon themselves to educate their daughters in more academic subjects. Some even went to the extent to send their young daughters to lectures at the University of Bologna, or even have their daughters lecture others. (Lewis) At a young age, Maria’s father recognized her talents and intelligence. Maria, oldest of twenty one children, was looked at as a child prodigy by her father (Maria Agnesi). By age 8, she began taken lessons in five different languages and also studied philosophy and science. The five languages studied by Maria were Greek, Hebrew, Latin, French and Spanish. (Lewis) By age 9, She was fluent in several of these languages. While being able to speak these languages was very astonishing for such a young age, Maria also privately studied the mathematics of Descartes, Newton, Leibniz, Euler and others. Maria also became a tutor to her younger siblings in the family (Maria Agnesi).
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Maria Agnesi - M atthew Rambo Maria Agnesi Paper Due...

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