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1A. Positivism- Is crime determined or could it be caused by something. 1B. The domain assumptions common to a positivist theory is that human beings to not have free will. People are born criminals; they don’t decide to become a criminal. Criminals are genetically predisposed to commit crime. Positivist asks the question, are human beings rational? Another Domain assumption that is common to the positivist is if society determines who will be a criminal? For example, do the poor people steel from the rich because they are criminals or because they need to so they can survive because society can’t meet there means? 2A. The theory I choose to explain is the body type theory by Sheldon. His theory believes that a criminal can be determined by physical feature. There are three types of physical characteristics that certain criminals have. The first is endomorph. An endomorph is a chubby, overweight, relax guy, comfortable guy. They have underdeveloped muscles, a round physique, soft and
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