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Outline Template for Informative Speech INTRODUCTION Attention Getter: The 1920s was the golden age for organized crime and mobs in Chicago. Racketeering and extortion led to bootlegging and murdering. Link to the Audience: Alcohol being illegal, Gangs Central Idea: Al Capone was one of the most influential mob leaders of his time. Preview of Main Points: Al Capone’s childhood and life as a gangster in Chicago Transition to the Body: Let’s see what made Al Capone the man that he was. BODY I. Al Capone’s Childhood in Brooklyn made him into what he became in chicago A. Al Capone was born on January 17, 1899 to Neapolitan Immigrants Gabriel and Teresa Caponi, in Brooklyn, New York. 1. Originally named Alphonsus Caponi, His name was Americanized to Al Capone. B. At the age of five, Capone started his early education at public school seven in Brooklyn. 1.By the time he was in sixth grade, his grades had dropped drastically and he was showing no respect for authority 2. Capone Started a fight with one of his teachers and was expelled. 3. He never returned to school after this C. After being expelled, Capone father moved them to 21 Garfield Place. 1 . This neighborhood had a big influence on Capone's life and his entire future. 2.He joined the notorious Five Points gang in Manhattan where he worked as a bouncer and bartender at Gangster Frankie Yale's Brooklyn Drive, the Harvard Inn. D. In 1918, Capone attended a dance at the inn, where he meant a young,
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outline for informative speech - Outline Template for...

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