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Matthew Rambo Final Speech Evaluation Professor Royse 5/4/10 In this group we all took equal responsibilities as leaders. We were able to work as individuals and than  elaborate our ideas together into one full speech. Every member had a specific subject to put together  and it was done in a timely fashion. Once we all had our ideas together, we decided how we were going to  order our speech. Starting with the history and plans through working through to the advantages and  disadvantages. Our group worked together greatly and there is nothing that I would change if we did it  again. Every member was giving a specific task and each of them were fulfilled. The best thing I think  about working in this group is that we were able to split up the work amongst us rather than having to do it  all by ourselves. All of us also get a long very well so that made it much easier to do a project together. I 
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Unformatted text preview: think group work is much better than individual work because of this reason. As long as you have a group that you can trust, then there is no reason why you can't get done group tasks very easily. I think group work helps you get a better feel for what it is like to work in an actual group environment too. Everybody was able to meet at the times we assigned which also made it easier to get our work done too. Once Ricky, Emilia, Lauren and I had our parts of the speech together, Nick was able to put the intro and conclusion together very easily. I think the worst thing about this speech was our topic. It was too broad of a topic to reach every specific aspect of cell phone use. Even though it was very easy to put information together on this topic, I would have rather done something more exciting then cell phones....
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