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Sport Soc chap 8 - take a long time to change which in turn...

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Dan Weglarz PED 219 March 23, 2009 Chapter 8 1. I think that the reason that will have the most negative effect on participation is the backlash among people who resent changes that threaten dominant gender ideology. I think that this is the most negative one because people believe that men should be the best at everything in society. People do not believe that women should be strong or that they should even play the same sports as men. Many parents do not want their child playing with girls when they are young because they think that it will bruise the child’s ego if they were to lose to the girl and then keep the child from playing the sport. People believe that women are not as good of athletes as men, and this is something that will
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Unformatted text preview: take a long time to change, which in turn will keep some women from playing the sports they do because of the backlash they will receive for being good at their sport. 2. I think that Kutztown meets the definition that is spelled out because they have an almost equal number of collegiate men’s sports as they do women’s. I would think that the football teams acceptance of the homosexual athlete would be a 2 or 3 and the same for the volleyball team. I don’t think that the acceptance level would change based on the sport. I only think that it would change based on the feelings of the different athletes. 3. How strictly is Title IX enforced today?...
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