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Things to be done in Week 1 (August 22): INFS 3380: Fall, 2011 Read the Syllabus very carefully. Almost all policies are clearly outlined in it. If you have any general question, please post the question in the Discussion Board’s appropriate topics. If it is a one-on-one type of issue, use the Blackboard email system to send me emails. If it is an important email, and if you have not received any response, please send the email again. Use the Discussion board’s Introduction to respond to my own introduction to introduce you. This is a mandatory task and you must do it in the first week of the semester. Take the Syllabus Quiz . This is our first quiz (named “Syllabus Quiz”). It is a special short quiz to test if you have read the syllabus carefully. It will be kept open from 2:00PM, August 22 to 11:59PM, August 29. You will be able to take this quiz repetitively maximum 10 times. Your best score in multiple efforts will be considered as your grade in this quiz. Make-up quizzes will not be given. At this stage the following resources will be important to you: A. AhmedsSamples: This resource contains many of my own examples. You will find references to most of these examples when you read through some of the PowerPoint slide files (or Word handouts). B. TextbooksStudentFiles5eFromAhmed: This resource contains all sample examples and hands-on-practice codes from the textbook as originally created by our author. The textbook’s codes are XHTML1.0 Transitional compliant, and theses codes do not have any comments. Thus I have converted some of these examples to XHTML1.1 compliant codes and inserted brief comments. I have also tried my best to specify the referencing page number in the name of a source code (so that you can find it fast when you are reading the
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This note was uploaded on 09/20/2011 for the course INFS 3380 taught by Professor Ahmed during the Spring '11 term at Toledo.

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01_ThingsToBeDoneWeek1Fall2011DL - Things to be done in...

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