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Things to be done in Week 2 (Aug. 29): INFS 3380: Spring, 2011 Thanks to those who have introduced themselves. I have read all of your introductions posted on the Discussion Board. Good job! Some of you have not yet introduced yourself. Also remember that you will need to post at least one posting on the discussion board in each week. If you do not have any question or answers, you may at the minimal post a comment that you have read and practices the materials of the week. By this time you must have: o Read Chapter 1 and 2010MyChapter1.ppt. I also assume that you may have reviewed the slides in the TextpadAndFirefox.ppt. o Downloaded and unzipped the following in your own disk: TextbooksStudentFiles5eFromAhmed.zip AhmedsSamples.zip o Practiced the Notepad or Textpad to develop a simple XML document. o Reviewed the Checkpoint questions (the answers are available at the end of the book of
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 1) o Gone through the list of Key Terms (at the end of the chapter 1) o Answered the Review Questions in Chapter 1: (the answers are available at the end of the book). o Went through the list of questions at the end of IntroToXMLRevised.doc. If you are confused on some these questions, please feel free ask on the discussion board. • You will have your hands full in this week 2 nd week. Read the following and feel free to ask questions on the discussion board. • Finish Chapter 2 from the Textbook. Practice all examples shown in the book • MyChapter2Part1.ppt • MyChapter2Part2.ppt • NotesOn Elements.doc. • Review the Checkpoint questions and Review Questions in Chapter 2 (the answers are available at the end of the book)...
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