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Things to be done in Week 3 (Sept.5): INFS 3380: Spring, 2011 Reminder: Assignment 1 is due on Monday, September 12, 2011. By this time you must have: Finish Chapter 2 from the Textbook. Practice all examples shown in the book MyChapter2Part1.ppt MyChapter2Part2.ppt NotesOn Elements.doc. Review the Checkpoint questions and Review Questions in Chapter 2 (the answers are available at the end of the book) In this week (i.e. in week 3), you are expected to do the following: Start working on Assignment 1. Read and practice all materials in Chapter 3 and in its related PowerPoint slides. Watch the videos following short movies by Eric Meyers:
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Unformatted text preview: o xhtml_essentials.mov o colors.mov o css_Essentials.mov These movies have been posted in the Videos > Eric Meyers’ Short Videos folder on the blackboard. I have also posted a ppt file that will go along with these movies. The movies have been posted in two alternative ways: • Individual movie files: The individual movies should play using Quick Time (directly from the blackboard). If it does not play in your system then use the next method • All movies in a single zip file (the last entry). Download it in your own system, unzip it there, and then try to play the movies....
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