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For homework, I want you to accomplish several tasks: 1. Watch your 90 second Pecha Kucha Presentation 2. Blog 1 – Self Reflection of 90 second Pecha Kucha Presentation 3. Read Chapter 1 + 2 Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds Blog Self reflection of 90 second Pecha Kucha Presentation  MW Class due Wednesday, September 8 th  by no later than 9:30 AM TTH Class due Thursday, September 9 th  by no later than 9:30 AM For this assignment, I want to gauge your level of comfort with the audience: 1. How did you feel presenting this information? Were you comfortable presenting? 2. Do you acknowledged the audience and met his/her needs? 3. Watching your presentation, did you get a sense of your bottom-line? Did you state it clearly for
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Unformatted text preview: the audience? 4. What do you feel was the most engaging aspect of the presentation? 5. Which nervous tells (e.g. shaking, lack of eye contact, posture, closed stance, etc.) do you feel may be problematic? 6. Watching the presentation do you look confident? 7. How do you feel you can improve on your presentation skills based on the feedback provided in class? NOTE TO MYSELF: FOLLOW EXERCISE ON PAGE 34 You will be graded on the level of quality and completeness of your blog posts. Remember, your blogs are worth 10% of your total course grade....
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