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Career Information Report As a sidebar to the formal report, I want you to explore your career options. This semester, you have been working to develop Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes (KSAs) in communication (writing, editing, proofreading, and presenting), critical thinking (problem identification and research), technology (social networking and collaboration), teamwork (group project), and practical excellence (professionalism). These KSAs are irrevocably linked to employability. Your Career Information Report is an exploration into employability. When you leave this course, I want you to have made a connection between your KSAs and future employment. While you may have wondered how this course relates to your future, believe me, once you enter the workforce you will draw on the skills gained (you will hopefully continue to develop them over time). For this assignment ( worth 10% of your total course grade ), I want you to draft a report that reflects on your employability. To accomplish this, you will need to break your report into several writing tasks: 1. Goal setting 2. Researching a position 3. Audience analysis of employer 4. Resume and cover letter 5. Career interview 6. Connecting Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes (extra credit) Part 1 – Goal Setting To begin, I want you to discuss your personal and professional goals. Most of you have already accomplished this task through a blog assignment submitted at the beginning of the semester. Now, I want you to take that assignment and develop it into a compelling discussion that answers these questions: 1. What are your professional goals? 2. How do your professional goals fit with your life goals? 3. What are your main qualifications: strengths, skills, and areas of expertise? 4. What positions (or range of positions) are you seeking? 5. What type of organization or work setting are you interested in? 1
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Part 2 – Researching a Position Once you have discussed your goals, you need to do a search of potential internship/employment positions. My expectation for this section of the report is that you explore and discuss potential internships/jobs that
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CareerInformationReport - Career Information Report As a...

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