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Land exam1 S97 - Name TA Lab Section Number Prof Land...

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Name ____________________________________ TA ______________________________________ Lab Section Number Prof. Land Summer Session II, 1997 CHEMISTRY 2B Midterm I Instructions: CLOSED BOOK EXAM No books or notes allowed. All information required is contained on the exam. Place all work in space provided. If you require additional space, use the back of the exam. (1) Read each question carefully. (2) There is no partial credit for problems in Part I. (3) Show work in Part II. Credit will be given only for work shown. (4) The last page contains potentially useful info and a periodic table. You may remove this for easy access. (5) Graded exams will be returned in discussion sections next week. Page: Possible Points Points 1. 30 points 2. 35 points 3. 40 points 4. 30 points 5. 75 points (Partial credit) 6. 40 points (Partial credit) Total Score (250) If you finish early, RECHECK YOUR ANSWERS. UC Davis is an Honor Institution
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1 Part I: Multiple Choice, Concept and Short Calculations, 135 pts - No Partial Credit 1.(10 pts) When a reaction takes place where the products have a higher energy than the reactants, a) the energy of the system increases. b) the reaction is endothermic. c) energy is released. d) work is done by the system. e) the reaction is exothermic. 2.(10 pts) When ice melts at constant pressure, the sign of the enthalpy change for the process a) depends on the container volume. b) is negative. c) depends on the temperature. d) is positive. e) cannot be determined. 3.(10 pts) Consider the heating curve for one mole of a substance that melts at –23°C and boils at 327°C. 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 t/s T/K The horizontal portion of the heating curve at 600 K represents the a) enthalpy of vaporization of the substance. b)
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Land exam1 S97 - Name TA Lab Section Number Prof Land...

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