HomeworkWeek9 - HomeworkWeek9 For homework, I want you to...

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For homework, I want you to accomplish several tasks: 1. Watch – Situational Analysis Draft Video (Group Leader 3) 2. Read Chapter 5 – Iconoclast (Individual) 3. 4. Watch – Presentation Video (Group Leader 2) 5. Blog – Pecha Kucha Presentations (Group Leader 2) 6. Comment – Pecha Kucha Presentations (Individual) 7. Blog 12 – Excuses, Excuses, Excuses: Why People Lie, Cheat and Procrastinate (Individual) 8. Prepare for Pecha Kucha Presentation (Group Leader 3) Watch – Business Description Presentation Video (Group Leader 2) In the Forums section, I have posted a discussion regarding the Situational Analysis. Please use this forum to ask questions regarding your report. On the main page of the discussion, I posted a brief overview of how to draft your Situational Analysis report. Read Chapter 5 – Iconoclast (Individual) MW Class – Due Monday, October 25th by no later than 9:30 AM TTH Class – Due Tuesday, October 26th by no later than 9:30 AM Please read Chapter 5 of Iconoclast (Berns). Be prepared to discuss the chapter in class. MW Class – Due Wednesday, October 27th by no later than 9:30 AM TTH Class – Due Thursday, October 28th by no later than 9:30 AM Please read Chapter 6 & 7 of the McGraw-Hill 36 Hour Writing Course (Davis). Blog – Pecha Kucha Self-reflection (Group Leader 2) MW Class – Due Wednesday, October 27th by no later than 9:30 AM TTH Class – Due Thursday, October 28th by no later than 9:30 AM For this assignment, I want to gauge your level of comfort with the audience: 1. How did you feel presenting this information? Were you comfortable presenting? 1
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HomeworkWeek9 - HomeworkWeek9 For homework, I want you to...

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