HomeworkWeek11 - HomeworkWeek11 For homework I want you to...

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Homework – Week 11 For homework, I want you to accomplish several tasks: 1. Watch – Situational Analysis Draft Video (Group Leader 3) 2. Download – Market Analysis Guide (Group Leader 4) 3. Read – The “Trophy Kids” Go to Work 4. Blog 13 – The “Trophy Kids” Go to Work 5. Blog – Pecha Kucha Presentations (Group Leader 3) 6. Comment – Pecha Kucha Presentations (Individual) 7. Prepare – Pecha Kucha Presentation (Group Leader 4) 8. Post – Upload Resume (Individual) Watch – Market Analysis Analysis Draft Video (Group Leader 4) In the Forums section, I have posted a discussion regarding the Market Analysis. Please use this forum to ask questions regarding your report. On the main page of the discussion, I posted a brief overview of how to draft your Market Analysis report. Download – Market Analysis Guide (Group Leader 4) Group leaders should download the Market Analysis Guide posted to Box.net > BUSX301 > Course Documents > Formal Report > Market Analysis. Read – The “Trophy Kids” Go to Work MW Class – Due Monday, November 8th by no later than 9:30 AM TTH Class – Due Tuesday, November 9th by no later than 9:30 AM Download and read The “Trophy Kids” Go to Work posted to Box.net > BUSX301 > Week 11. Blog 13 – The “Trophy Kids” Go to Work MW Class – Due Monday, November 8th by no later than 9:30 AM TTH Class – Due Tuesday, November 9th by no later than 9:30 AM In the article The “Trophy Kids” Go to Work , Ron Alsop describes how the millennial generation is perceived. Generational perception holds enormous sway within both academe and the workplace. From Chapters 5 & 6 in Iconoclast , Berns is clear about the importance for social connections, but what happens when there is a percieved generation gap? From your reading, I want you answer: 1
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1. From a survey conducted by Career Builder, more than 85% of hiring managers believe that millennials have a
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HomeworkWeek11 - HomeworkWeek11 For homework I want you to...

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