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Psych 100, Prof. Mark Hauber How to write a successful synopsis? Read the Abstract, then read the paper carefully of the CUCKOO PDF article (posted on Blackboard). Look through the Figures and read the Figure Legends. Read the Title and Abstract again to see if the paper delivers its promise. To write the synopsis: 1 page printed max, single or double spaced, 12 font. Please put your full name, course number, and your iClicker ID # on the top of the page. Bring the synopsis to class on Monday, Sept. 19. NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS OR EMAILED ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED—you CAN bring the synopsis to class BEFORE the deadline. To compose the synopsis. 1. Start with the summary of the broad topic—what is the general topic, theoretical relevance of the paper. 2. State the specific topic that the paper considers. 3. Are there any/what are the hypotheses tested? 4. What are the methods briefly: observations, experimental, modeling, etc. 5. Key result(s)/pattern of data/directional effects of manipulations. 6. Discussion—does it address the data/does it follow from the results/does it fit within the general framework/topic of the paper. 7. Your own critique/opinion of the work; a sentence about what can be done next?
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Grading criteria for Synopsis assignment, Psych 100, Prof M. Hauber and T/As: 10 pts max. T: Theoretical background: why is egg recognition important:1 pts. D: Definitions of the concepts in the article (i.e. brood parasitism and egg rejection): 1 pt. H: Hypothesis (was the hypothesis/prediction of the study clearly stated)? 1 pt. M: Methods of the study described (observational component, experimental component): 2 pts. R: Results of the study described (quantitative/numerical outcomes, patterns, significance): 2 pts. C: Conclusions of the study stated clearly: 1 pt. P: Personal insight, your own opinion of the study: 1 pt. F: Future work, extension, additional study and direction suggested by you: 1 pt. Total: 10 points. On the next pages there is a SUCCESSFUL SAMPLE SYNOPSIS, based on a different article (also provided) than the article assigned to you in this course.
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