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Dr. Byoung Hee You TECH 4392, MFGE 4392, and TECH 5392 Solutions: Homework#10 1. List two techniques for doping. Ans) Thermal diffusion and ion implant 2. List advantages of ion implantation. Ans) 1) Precise Control of Dopant Concentration 2) Good Dopant Uniformity 3) Good Control of Dopant Penetration Depth 4) Produces a Pure Beam of Ions 5) Low Temperature Processing 6) Ability to Implant Dopants Through Films 7) No Solid Solubility Limit 3. Show the formular for Dose (Q), the number of implanted ions per unit area of wafer surface. Ans) 4. State annealing of silicon crystal after ion implantation. Ans) Annealing heats the implanted silicon substrate to repair crystalline damage and electrically activate dopants by moving the atoms into crystal lattice sites.
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Unformatted text preview: Dr. Byoung Hee You 5. List three traditional planarization methods Ans) 1) Etchback Planarization 2) Glass Reflow 3) Spin-on-films 6. List nine parameters for chemical mechanical planarization (CMP). Ans) 1) Polish time 2) Pressure on wafer carrier (downforce) 3) Platen speed 4) Carrier speed 5) Slurry chemistry 6) Slurry flow rate 7) Pad conditioning 8) Wafer/slurry temperature 9) Wafer back pressure 7. Four important functions of Packaging Ans) 1) Protection from the environment and handling damage 2) Interconnections for signals into and out of the chip 3) Physical support of the chip 4) Heat dissipation Dr. Byoung Hee You 8. List design constraints for IC packaging Ans) 1) Peformance 2) Size/weight/form 3) Materials 4) Cost 5) Assembly...
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Homework_10_Solution - Dr. Byoung Hee You 5. List three...

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