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Dr. Byoung Hee You TECH 4392, MFGE 4392, and TECH 5392 Solutions: Homework#9 1. List three functions of a wafer stepper. Ans) 1) Focus and align the quartz plate reticle (that has the patterns) to the wafer surface. 2) Reproduce a high-resolution reticle image on the wafer through exposure of photoresist. 3) Produce an adequate quantity of acceptable wafers per unit time to meet production requirements. 2. State relationship between wavelength and frequency. Ans) In optical lithography, the wavelength of light can be defined as a function of the frenquency of light. Wavelength decreases as frequency increases: the wavelength is inversely proportional to the frequency.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. What is the role of optical filters. Ans) Optical filters block unwanted incident light through reflection and interference. 4. State excessive resist absorption of incident light. Ans) As a photoresist excessively absorbs incident light, the light intensity at the bottom of resist is considerably less than that received at the top. This leads to sloping profile of sidewalls. 5. What is the solution for effect of standing waves in photoresist? Ans) Antireflective coating to prevent or minimize reflection of incident light Dr. Byoung Hee You 6. Define formula for resolution in photolithography. Ans) 7. Define formula for depth of focus in photolithography Ans)...
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Homework_9_Solution - 3. What is the role of optical...

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