CHAPTER 5 - Secondary Alpha-helix beta-pleated sheet...

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CHAPTER 5: Monomer: subunit used to build substance polymer: many monomers hydrolysis: breaking bonds by adding water condensation synthesis: make bonds by removing water lipids: fat (C, H) nonpolar hydrophobic saturated: solid at room temp, single bond unsaturated: liquid at room temp, double bond Carbohydrates: (C,H,O) Sugars Proteins: (C,H,O,N) count for 50% dry cell weight Functions: structural, contractile, storage defense, transport, signaling, catalysts Amino Acids: Building blocks of protein. R gives single characteristics and recognizes them. Join by peptide bond. Joined by Condensation Synthesis Function of protein: depends on shape and 3D structure Structure: Primary: unique sequence of amino acids
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Unformatted text preview: Secondary: Alpha-helix, beta-pleated sheet. Coiling and foding due to hydrogen bonds Tertiary: 3D shape due to bonding of the R groups Frst time protein can function Quaternary structure: (optional level) 2 or more folded polypetides. Denaturation: when a protein is destroyed due to pH, salt, heat, and chemicals Chaperonins- protein folding helper Enzymes: catalysts that speed up chemical reactions Nucleic Acids: (C H O N P) Composed of DNA and RNA DNA: code of life to the cell. it carries out codes for life RNA: protein syntehsis made of nitrogeneous bases, phosephate group, and a 5 carbon sugar pyrimidines C,T,U Purines A,G...
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CHAPTER 5 - Secondary Alpha-helix beta-pleated sheet...

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