Chapter 6 - lysosomes degrade(breakdown helps recycle...

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Chapter 6 Cell Theory All cells come from pre-existing cells All organisms are made of cells Cytoplasm=Cytosol Prokaryotic vs. Eukaryotic - Have a nucleus Nucleus Control center of cell Guardian of DNA Mitochondria is from your mom s side ʼ Plant cells vs. Animal cells Cell wall Plasma Membrane Endo-membrane System Smooth ER vs. Rough ER Smooth ER: detoxiFes, storage, makes lipids contains peroxisomes Rough ER: ribosomes, makes proteins Golgi Apparatus: UPS of the cell puts zip codes on things 2 Organelles that make energy 1. Mitochondria - energy power house of cell 2. Chloroplasts - in plants. goes from solar energy to chemical energy. Lysosome vs. peroxisome (In white blood cells and help with the immune response)
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Unformatted text preview: lysosomes: degrade (breakdown), helps recycle materials Tay Sachs: peroxisome: detoxifes (neutralize), Found in smooth ER Vacuoles - Storage Simple cells have larger vacuoles Complex cells have smaller vacuoles 3 types oF Cytoskeletal elements Microflament: help muscles move Intermediate ±ilament: show the origin oF cancer Microtubuoles: Used during cell division Made in centrioles. 2 ways cell move Cilia - Hair Like ±lagella - Long Tail 3 types oF junction Gap - Everything is let through, heart Tight - Nothing is let through, stomach Anchoring - two cells are joined together Extra-cellular Matrix Allows For communication between the outside and inside oF the cell....
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Chapter 6 - lysosomes degrade(breakdown helps recycle...

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