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Origin of the Species 2 - Origin of the Species 2 New...

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Origin of the Species 2 New Breeding Population - Reduced gene flow between populations - Restriction in migration - Adaptive Radiation - Rapid species diversification from single common ancestor. Often associated with differential niche use Evolution - Mechanisms of evolution: - Migration - Mutations - Genetic Drift - Selection (natural vs. sexual) Reproductive Isolation - Reduced gene flow eventually leads to reproductive isolation - Biology creates barrier to gene flow - Pre-zygotic barriers: impede fertilization, before zygote is formed - Post-zygotic barriers: prevents successful propagation of offspring - Individuals of different Species - Habitat Isolation - Never meet due to different habitats - Example: Snakes. One live in water, one lives in land - Temporal Isolation - Mate in different seasons - Even though they can interbreed and have offspring, they don’t
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because they never see each other - Behavioral Isolation - Variation in sexual signals - Mating Attempt - Mechanical Isolation - Variation in male genital morphology among species
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