Ecology - BSC 2011 (Dr. Song) - 1 Ecology (Chapter 52)...

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Ecology (Chapter 52) Ecology ( oikos + logos ): scientific study of interactions between organisms and environment Hierarchical organization of ecological research Organismal Ecology - Organisms and their environments Population Ecology - Populations and their environments Community Ecology - Biotic interactions between species Ecosystem Ecology - Energy flow and chemical cycling Landscape Ecology - Interactions among ecosystems Global Ecology - Biosphere Environment Abiotic: nonliving o Physical, Chemical, Geological Biotic: living o Prey, Competitors, Predators Interaction between abiotic and biotic factors determines distribution and abundance of organisms Dispersal and range expansion Lovebug ( Plecia neartica ) example Dispersal: movement of individuals away from their area of origin Lovebugs first reported from Florida in 1949 What limits species distribution? Abiotic factors influencing species distribution Temperature Water (availability, precipitation) Salinity (osmoregulation challenge) Sunlight (photosynthesis)
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Ecology - BSC 2011 (Dr. Song) - 1 Ecology (Chapter 52)...

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