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Date - Psychedelic drugs(conscious-altering drugs Marijuana...

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Date: 10/07/10 States of Consciousness Sleep - No one really knows why we sleep - People offer theories but thee is not definite reasons. - Read about theories and stages of sleep Dreams - Most of our dreaming occurs in the REM stage. - We process information that we encounter during the day - Allows us to go through it one more time. - Process/review our day. - Freudian View - Dreams are “symbolic” - “wish fulfillment” - Suppressed fears - People are scared to death about death. - Majority of your fears you aren’t the actual fear, you’re scared of being harmed by it. - I.E. falling from heights: not scared of heights scared of being hurt by heights. Psychoactive (or Psychotropic) Drugs - Stimulants (stimulate CNS)
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- Depressants (depress CNS) - CNS = Central Nervous System - Most common is Alcohol - Alcohol is a drug even though society doesn’t put it in the category of drugs. - People drink to escape problems and for recreational purposes - Opiates (relieve pain)
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Unformatted text preview: - Psychedelic drugs (conscious-altering drugs. .)- Marijuana is a mild psychedelic drug- LSD is a huge psychedelic drug. VIDEO- Dr. Phil :)- Common trends- Binge drinking- Teens more likely to abuse drugs in the medicine cabinet or shelves of local pharmacy.- 40% of Eight Graders has access to drugs and alcohol in their homes.- Warning Signs of Drug Use- Lying- Change in Behavior- Binge drinking- Rick and Patty Spady- Parents of Samantha Spady- Samantha Spady- College sophomore.- 6 PM started drinking and over course of 12 hours had 30-40 drinks.- Body found in 2nd floor room.- Jon and Maxine- Parents of Weston.- Considers drinking a right of passage- Weston- Binge Drinks- Drinks out of boredom- Drove 80 MPH in a 40 MPH zone, drunk.- Arrest for DUI, reckless driving- Parents waited 5 days before they bailed him out of jail.- Objective is to get drunk and once you’re drunk the objective to get wasted...
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