Male Circumcision - only will raise the kid cuz they feel...

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Male Circumcision - Mostly (White) Americans - Jews - Muslims - In U.S. 80% (1980) 65% (2000) - Clitoridectimies Cross-Cultural Human Sexuality - Inis Beag versus Mangaia - Hopi Indians (North America) - Native Americans probably the most liberal when it comes to sex and sexuality. - Book Sun Chief. - Hopi where there’s an area that looks like a vagina and they had a ritual where once a year they’d put their penis in that area and go through the motions of having sex with mother earth. - Whenever a little boy is crying someone nearby will stroke his penis to try and soothe and distract him. - Sambians (New Guinea) - Look black. - Idea that when little boys turn 7 they need to say goodbye to their family and go live in a near by forest where they’re going to have contact with men and men
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Unformatted text preview: only will raise the kid cuz they feel that they should have no contact with female from 7-17 and they think that for them to turn into real men they have to ingest semen til they turn 17 and perform oral sex to the men every day from 7-17- Book guardians of flukes hearte Sex has “risks” Year 2000 (CDC)- 20,000 deaths due to STDs- 15,000 due to AIDS (Almost entirely preventable) Other deaths in 2000- 435,000 from smoking- 300,000 obesity-related- 80,000 alcohol-related- 43,000 vehicular deaths- 29,000 by a gun (1,500 accidents)- 17.500 from illicit” drug usage- 14,500 from “falls”- 5,000 food poisoning- 4,000 drowning- 3 X more likely to get cancer from eating meat...
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Male Circumcision - only will raise the kid cuz they feel...

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