Memory - Memory Overall your memory is pretty reliable...

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Memory - Overall your memory is pretty reliable - Highly susceptible to distortion. Three examples of how our memory is susceptible to distortion: 1) Jean Piaget: Psychologist. - Grew up in Switzerland in a wealthy family, under the care of a “nanny” - Almost kidnapped at the park one day, Nanny was willing to resist an tried to Fght off the kidnapper and the kidnapper ran away. - Went back home to tell the parents what happened and even though the parents were upset that there was a kidnapper, they were pleased that the nanny protected the son. Gave the nanny a family heirloom gold stop watch as a discretion of their gratitude. - In the mail there was a letter and inside of it was the stop watch saying that something occurred a long time ago and that the incident where the man kidnapped little Jean never happened. The only reason she had the job was because of economic reasons and she was a little late to bring back Jean. Thus, she made up a story so she wouldn’t get hired. - Jean was shocked that it didn’t really happen because he remembered it very well. - Gained memory of such thing from constant repetition by the story being told by his parents 2) Elizabeth Loftus: - Research on memory for 20 years or more. - Shows her classroom a series of slides showing a car speeding past a stop sign and crashing into a car. Afterwards she passes out questionnaire
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- Questions were fller items. - One question: In the slides shown what color was the car that passed the yield
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Memory - Memory Overall your memory is pretty reliable...

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