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SEXUAL ORIENTATION DEFINED DIRECTLY ACROSS CULTURES - among some hispanic/latino cultures - amon some indigenous cultures in the americas --> no word for sexual orientation - some tribes have respectful term for a 3rd gender - as of 1998 about 1/3 of north america do not consider themselves completely heterosexual PRESUMPTION OF HETEROSEXUALITY OR HETEROSEXUAL PRIVILEGE - assumption of yoru sexual preference - man walks on street holding hand is acceptable but when gays do it they re flaunting ʼ their sexuality - richard loving (white - mildred jeter loving (african american) - state of virginia (residence) - married in d.c. - july 11th, 1958 - sheriff and two deputies - arrested for being married - anti-miscegenation law (illegal for blacks to marry white) - sentenced one year in prison - offered probation for 25 years provided they moved out of virginia - presiding judge leon bazile used his religion to justify punishment
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Unformatted text preview: - couple appealed virginia supreme court upheld the antimiscegenation law and the couples conviction 1965- aclu represented couple in US (federal) supreme court- loving versus virginia 1967- us supreme court struck down all anti miscegenation laws in us- 16 states had such laws in 1967- approximately 70% of americans supported antimiscegention CURRENT STATUS ON GAY RELATIONSHIPS- same sex marriage- civil unions- domestic partnership (common law marriage- massachusetts Frst to give same sex marriage- Fve states: conneticut 2008, iowa 2009, vermont 2009, new hampshire 2010, washington dc 2010, washington 2009 everything but term marriage COUNTIES WHERE SAME SEX MARRIAGE IS LEGAL the netherlands holland 2001 belgium 2003 canada 2005 spain 2005 south africa 2006 also allows polygamy norway 2008 sweden 2009 portugal 2010 iceland 2010 argentina 2010 1st in south america...
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