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BIOC 2580 FALL 2010 FINAL PRACTICE PACKAGE You MUST print off the mock final before coming to session. There will be NO copies available. We will write in the first half and take up in the second half of session on Friday December 3 rd from 1-4pm in Library 100A (Forster Room). There may be errors in this package which will only become apparent during sessions. Therefore, attend the session!
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MULTIPLE CHOICE: 1. Polysaccharides have the following characteristics EXCEPT: a. Are nutritional sources b. Are informational molecules c. Provide a major biological energy source d. Exist in either linear or branched forms e. Are important structural elements in bacterial cell walls 2. Both NADH and NADPH: a. Can be used interchangeably as cofactors for dehydrogenase b. Have the same net charge at pH 7.0 c. Are involved in the catabolic reactions d. Have equivalent oxidation-reduction potentials e. Are readily translocated through mitochondrial membranes 3. How many NAD + are reduced during 1 cycle of the citric acid cycle? a. 0 b. 1 c. 2 d. 3 e. 4 4. Compared to unsaturated fatty acids, saturated fatty acids: a. Have lower melting points b. Are more necessary in the diet c. Produce a rigid bend to triacylglycerides d. Are more commonly found in plants than in animals e. Are generally solid or semi-solid at room temperature 5. The roles of lipids in living cells involve the following functions EXCEPT: a. Genetic coding b. A lipophilic carrier
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