Acct421-521-U2-Ch3-GrossIncome-Overview-09202011 - GROSS...

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Unformatted text preview: GROSS INCOME: OVERVIEW & HIGHLIGHTS (to accompany Unit#2 Chapter 3 - 2012 Edition PH Federal Taxation Comprehensive Edition) Dr.Faye Bradwick Acct421/Acct521 Fed.Tax#1 IUP ECOBIT Accounting Dept Fall 2011 1. The Key to Determining Taxable Income: What is income? When is it income? Whose income is it? 2. Income is the First Component of the Tax Formula: Sec. 61 general definition -- "the dragnet" Emphasis is on realization Tax law relies heavily on case law in this area Sometimes must use economist approach ( worth method) if all else fails &/or records are destroyed (i.e. consumption + change in net worth measured by using FMV but very cumbersome) TI includes barter income (cash equivalent doctrine) 3. Financial Accounting Concept Applied: The realization principle of accounting (earnings process complete & the assets received are capable of being value) is reflected in the tax concept of income primarily to aid in administration by providing...
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Acct421-521-U2-Ch3-GrossIncome-Overview-09202011 - GROSS...

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