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Potential Topics For Term Paper

Potential Topics For Term Paper - Issues in Forensic...

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Potential Topics For Term Paper 1. Accounting Careers in State and Federal Government 2. Accounting for Natural Disaster Losses 3. Accounting Fraud Detection and Fraud Schemes 4. Careers in Forensic Accounting 5. Career Opportunities in Accounting for Women 6. Corporate Fraud and White Collar Crime: The Lack of Ethics 7. Corporate Governance of International Corporations Corporate Internal Control and The Effects of Sarbanes-Oxley Act
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Unformatted text preview: Issues in Forensic Accounting Pertaining to its Effectiveness The Debate over Rule-Based vs. Principle-Based Accounting Standards The Presence of Fraud in the Once Big-Five Accounting Firms New Ethical Standards set by PCAOB- A Historical Comparison/Contrast Executive Compensation Issues Problem with Mark to Market International Financial Standards Issues 16. ??...
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