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HIS 008 Paper #2 March 4, 2010 Babur, Ruler of Hindustan Zahir-ud-din Muhammad, otherwise known as Babur, was the first of the Great Mughals and father of the great Mughal Empire. Although Babur’s many conquests made him the great sovereign of northern India, this was not his true inheritance. He was from Ferghana, a minor kingdom near the city of Tashkent. Babur became the King of Ferghana when he was eleven years of age as a result of his father’s death. His enemies took advantage of his youth and inexperience by launching a series of attacks to take away his crown. Even his uncle Ahmad Mirza, the ruler of Samarkand, attacked him. Babur decided to have his revenge when Ahmad Mirza died in 1495. He took advantage of the confusion that prevailed in Samarkand after the death of Ahmad Mirza by attacking and besieging Samarkand. Babur became ill while celebrating his victory in Samarkand. His enemies in Ferghana took advantage of his sickness; his ministers gave out the order that he was dead and put his younger brother Jahangir on the throne. When Babur recovered from his sickness, he marched from Samarkand to recover Ferghana’ however he was unable to capture it. He returned to Samarkand, to find out that Ali, his cousin occupied it. Babur was left with no land to rule and essentially became a ruler of nothing. However, he came back, conquering Kabul in 1504 and making it the capital of his sovereignty. For the next 30 years, Babur would go on to conquer much of northern India, a place he did not fully appreciate, and would be carved into history as the founder of the Mughal Empire. 1 of 5
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Babur Paper - 1 of 5 Darren Pinder HIS 008 Paper#2 March 4...

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