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Discussion 4 his 8 - after the fall of Harshavardhana’s...

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Darren Pinder His 008 Discussion Notes Keay Chapter 7 How did the Gupta’s emerge from Magadha and reclaim India? Chandra-Gupta I was the son of Ghatotkacha. He is the founder of the Gupta dynasty partly because he assumed a new titile, partly because later Gupta chronology is calculated from what is taken to be the date of his accession and partly because by marriage to Kumaradevi (chief queen of the Licchavis) which allowed him to acquire more territory and authority than he inherited from his father. How and why did the Gupta Empire fall? Skandagupta was followed by weak rulers and in the 480’s the Hephthalite King Oprah broke through Gupta defenses and then the resulting Hun invasions destroyed the empire. Keay Chapter 8 Why was it difficult for any one kingdom or empire to dominate the political landscape of India
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Unformatted text preview: after the fall of Harshavardhana’s kingdom? What • After Harsha’s death, he had no sons leaving his empire with no heirs resulting in the collapse of his empire. We also se different groups establishing footholds in India. For example we see Arabs who established a Muslim bridgehead in Sind as well as invasions by the Huns. An Atlas and Survey of South Asian History • Series of Anglo-French conflicts between 1746-1763 created profound repercussions for the future. Wars lie the 3 Carnatic Wars exposed overall weakness of the Indian political situation, enabling unscrupulous European adventuerers like Dupleix and Clive to plunder 1 of 2 and mold India to their liking. Most importantly, however, the conflict highlighted the effectiveness of European military training in comparison to India militia. 2...
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Discussion 4 his 8 - after the fall of Harshavardhana’s...

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