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Discussion 5 his 8 - armies were never once called upon to...

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Darren Pinder HIS 008 Discussion Notes January 31, 2010 Keay Chapter 9 What are the first marauding disciples of Islam called? In Greek they are called YavanasI , In Turkish, Turuskas or Tajiks but more often mlecchas . Unlike many visitors to India, the Muslims were well ware of India’s immensity, and were mightily excited by all its vast resources. Keay Chapter 10 What kind of pillager was Mahmud? He is what we would call a soldier of fortune and equal opportunity. This means he would ransack any town, city, empire regardless of religion, strength, or population. He only cared about the wealth Keay Chapter 11 Did the Muslim conquests cause a lot of unrest in the Hindu population? Actually, the Hindu’s never once revolted and Muslim historians state that the Turkish
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Unformatted text preview: armies were never once called upon to deal with a hostile population. Although, there is a Muslim account of a revolt in Awadh where 120,000 Muslims received martyrdom at the hands and swords of the Bartush. Keay Chapter 12 • After the Mongols deafeated the sultan they pillaged Delhi for three days. We realize that the sultanate had failed to establish a pan-Indian supremacy and had not even attempted an 1 of 2 Indo-Islamic accommodation despite dominance for two centuries. Mahmud is chiefly remembered as the plunderer of India. Between 1000 and 1026 he mounted at least 17 raids against India with the aim of extirpating idol-worshiping Hindu infidels and destroying Hindu temples, which were great repositories of wealth. 2...
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Discussion 5 his 8 - armies were never once called upon to...

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