HIS 008 discussion section 7

HIS 008 discussion section 7 - competition between the East...

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Darren Pinder HIS 008 Discussion Notes February 22, 2010 Keay Chapter 13 Babur of Afghanistan invaded Sikander’s successor taking both Delhi and Agra and inaugurated India a Mongol or Mughal empire. Babur created a personal memoir-cum-diary that was considered one of the most enthralling and romantic works of literature of all time describing his beliefs and conquests as well as his adventures. How did the acquisition of firearms and gunpowder change military planning and the ways war was fought in India? Keay Chapter 14 The advent of new European trading companies stimulated industrial demand, especially for the cotton textiles of Gujarat, Bengal, Golconda, and the Tamil country. This led to
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Unformatted text preview: competition between the East India Companies of London and the Netherlands to contest the Portuguese monopoly of the mainly Indonesian spice trade. • Akbar’s reforms focused on two distinct control mechanisms: the creation of a centralized bureaucracy, and the elaboration of a standard system of military grading. The result was a separate hierarchy, which overlapped only at the top. • How did the central government use the military to control the zamindari interests and maximize the revenue yield due to the emperor or his jagirdars? • What factors led to Akbar’s loss of control and eventual downfall?...
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HIS 008 discussion section 7 - competition between the East...

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