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Discussion 8 in class

Discussion 8 in class - between nitrogenous bases using...

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Darren Pinder Exercise for Section 8: DNA Replication 1. Replicating a circular single-stranded DNA molecule with one OriC Once upon a time, an alien wanted a brother, so he called his buddy Sebastian (SSB). Daniel looks into the mirror and his reflection steps out. Sebastian gave Daniel (alien) a vile of potion to prevent them from being attached to each other. To prepare his brother for the universe, Optimus Primase put on his shoes. Then Paul III (DNA Polymerase III) builds pieces. Paul I (DNA Polymerase I) and Luigi (Ligase) put on the finishing touches resulting in Daniel having an identical brother. 2. Replicating a circular double-stranded DNA molecule with one OriC We start with DNA A binding to the OriC sequence on a double stranded DNA. Helicase is attached to DNA A and splits the 2 strands by hydrolyzing the bonds
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Unformatted text preview: between nitrogenous bases using energy from the 3-P. SSB then binds to each end of the non-single strands keeping them from reacting with each other. Primase then starts replication by bringing complementary bases of RNA to both strands. Once a RNA primer is in place DNA Polymerase III begins to add complementary bases in the 5’-3’ direction. On the leading strand DNA Polymerase III proceeds progressively towards to replication fork. The lagging strands starts to be replicated in the 5’-3’ direction. DNA polymerase III also proofreads and fixes its own mistakes. After DNA polymerase III, DNA polymerase I comes through on each strand in the 5’-3’ direction replacing the RNA primer with DNA bases. Lastly the ligase joins together all the DNA bases by hydrolyzing the O-P making a phosphodiester bond....
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