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Discussion section 9 Questions Name___Darren Pinder______ This article is from Scientific American in 1989; since this was written, more details of the processes described have been discovered, and the state of the art has advanced (for instance, a better estimate of the number of genes in the human genome is about 30,000, and we now know a lot about the structure of RNA polymerase). However, the basics of Ptashne’s review are accurate. 1. One of the frustrating things in any science is that names are not always as good as they could be. For instance, the protein “lambda repressor” is a negative regulator of transcription at some promoters and a postive regulator of transcription at other promoters. How is this possible? It greatly increases the transcription of its own gene. The two DNA bound dimmers affect transcription in two ways. First, the repressors prevent RNA polymerase from binding to the DNA and copying the lytic genes. Second, one of the repressors helps RNA
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