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Questions for Discussion section 11 Name__Darren Pinder__________ 1. Despite what this article says, almost all of the Archaea have a cell wall; it’s just different in chemical details from the Bacterial cell wall. One of the main advantages of cellularity is the ability to increase the rate of chemical reactions by increasing the concentration of reactants far above environmental levels. Why, in one sentence, is the loss of the cell wall described as “catastrophic”? What possibilities (again, in one sentence) did this catastrophe open up? Without the cell wall there is no regulation of properties that move in and out of the cell. One catastrophe that could occur is the explosion of a cell without a cell wall when put into an environment when more properties move into the cell. 2. Bacteria and Archaea, as we have seen, tend to have genomes that are as small as
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Unformatted text preview: possible and contain no excess baggage. Eukaryotes, on the other hand, have much larger genomes. How did mitosis make this possible (two sentences)? Genomes in eukaryotes are more complex because mitosis creates two daughter cells that are identical to the parent in every way. The genomes must be complex because energy is required for mitosis to occur and creation of whole new cells to take place. 3. Describe one piece of evidence for the idea that mitochondria in each one of your cells are descended from free-living bacteria. (two sentences) Mitochondria have their own genome separate from the cell which can be comparable to bacterial genomes. Also the inner membrane of mitochondria has a phospholipid called cardiolipin which is commonly seen in some bacteria cells....
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