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Questions for discussion section 3 Name__Darren Pinder___________ Due at the very beginning of section, 25 June. These questions refer to the reading “Life’s Rocky Start” by Robert Hazen. Answer them in as few complete sentences as possible. 1. What is one possible “fossil” of the prebiotic mineral world found in all modern organisms? Calcite crystals are a possible fossil. Calcite is commonly found on many mollusk shells and is known to strongly attract amino acids. 2. All modern terrestrial life is cellular. Hazen argues that there is a mineral analog of the cell. What is this analog, and what role does it (and the contained volume of the cell) play? Crystals were the analog for prebiotic molecules. Crystal faces of certain minerals could actively select and concentrate molecules that were designed to become biologically
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Unformatted text preview: important. 3. Rocks are undoubtedly not alive. Nonetheless, in Hazen’s view, what is at least one property of life found in minerals? Minerals became the first self-replicating molecular systems. Minerals were self-replicating by conFning and con- centrating molecules, then by selecting and arranging those molecules 4. Hazen writes, “…it may never be possible to prove exactly what chemical transformations gave rise to life on earth.” To a scientist, what is wrong with this sentence? How would you rephrase it? The statement, “ never be possible”, would state that this cannot be falsifiable or proven because it is already false. It should say, “…it might be possible with much experimentation and observation to prove exactly what chemical transformations gave rise to life on earth”....
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