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Questions for section 7 Name_Darren Pinder__________ 1. It is easy to make mistakes while typing. Limiting yourself to single-letter substitutions, what sort of typo is conservative, and what sort of typo is likely to eliminate the sense of a word? Conservative typos consist of single misplaced letters like in the word “receive” with the common mistake of misplacing the 2 nd “e” with the “i”. 2. From “evolution encoded,” what is the biological analog of conservative and drastic changes? Codons are the biological analog. Three letter sequences, or codons, of DNA and RNA (shown) encode the individual amino acids that build and maintain all life on earth. Today we understand that gene sequences do use three-letter codons to specify individual amino acids and that several steps are needed for the gene’s sequence of bases to be converted into a sequence of amino acids. 3. Is the traditional “QWERTY” keyboard designed to maintain sense in spite of slightly misguided fingers? Explain.
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Unformatted text preview: No because it doesn’t take into account frequency of letters, typing efficiency, and biomechanics of the hand. It spaced out frequently used letters to make sure the typewriters didn’t jam. 4. There are other keyboard layouts besides QWERTY. By analogy with “Evolution Encoded,” what sort of analysis could you perform to suggest that an alternative layout had been selected for minimizing errors? Would this prove selection occurred, or would it still be possible that the layout was a lucky accident? An analysis that could be performed would be to check how many errors occurred within the system and if errors were either corrected or changed in order for the resulting protein to be unaltered. For a keyboard, you would check the amount of errors in a typed sequence and see if those errors were corrected or changed. If the selection is clearly organized then it was selected whereas if the sequence has no sense but sense is made, the selection was a lucky accident....
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