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Section five. There is no reading for section, Tuesday 7 July. You have the following assignment. An organism is observed that requires organic compounds for energy and produces CO2 as a waste product. On its own, this is not enough information to determine whether the organism is surviving by fermenting or by respiring. Flip a coin to decide which way your essay will go: heads, you will have the hypothesis that the organism is fermenting, tails, you will have the hypothesis that it is respiring. In a brief paragraph, first indicate why no respiration/fermentation decision can be made based on this information provided; then, describe experiments or observations that would strongly support your hypothesis and falsify the alternative hypothesis. Provide a concise explanation of why these observations are useful. Conclude by explaining why or why not the test(s) you propose would work for deciding between respiration and fermentation in general, or just this specific case.
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